We’re Sports fans just like you.  We revolve our schedule around our favorite team.  We don’t make plans for next Sunday without checking to see if we’re the early or late game.  We yell at our Coach if he doesn’t find enough minutes for beloved backup shooting guard.

And now that sports betting is being legalized on a state-by-state basis, we want to make sure that fans in those states make informed betting decisions.  Illinois, just because you can now bet legally on the Bears that doesn’t mean that you should bet them 16 times a year.  Indiana, you can’t bet the Pacers to cover the spread 82 times a year.

 We’re here to help you figure out when it MIGHT be a good time to bet on your team, and when it’s best to sit back with a cold one and just watch the game.  Meanwhile that late game between the Chiefs and Cowboys might be the time to have some action.

And THAT is what we’re all about.  That’s why we like to say FanSharp- Root Like a Fan.  Bet like a Sharp.