How To Play

FanSharp is easy to play!  First, find the game from the Contest Lobby that you want to play.

You'll simply answer 6 questions, plus a tie-breaker.  The questions are designed to be answered at halftime of that game, although they can be answered at any time prior. 

The questions are designed to reward your ability to accurately assess how the Second Half of this game will unfold.  Think that one NFL team will decide to “open it up” in the Second Half, yielding more QB Pass Attempts than normal?   Think an NBA Coach will be forced to sit his Big Man in the Second Half because of foul trouble, yielding fewer Rebounds for him?  Use your skill in assessing the flow of the game to make accurate predictions.

You can complete the questions in just a minute or two, or you can take the full halftime.  Final entries must be submitted prior to the start of that game’s Second Half.  Be sure to hit the Submit/Update button to lock in your answers.  You can change your answers any time prior to kick/tip-off of the Second Half.  The contest will lock at kick/tip-off of the Second Half.

Now sit back and watch the Second Half!  FanSharp software will compare your answers to the actual game statistics in real-time and will update all contest scores accordingly.   FanSharp will generate an email notification to all contest winners at the end of the night, once game statistics have been finalized.

Rules & Scoring

In FanSharp the lowest score is the Winner!  FanSharp will ask various questions that are based on either:

  • Statistical Performance
  • Yes/No and Either/Or

For questions that ask you to predict a number for the statistical performance for a particular player(s), FanSharp will calculate the difference between your answer to the question and the actual Second Half result.

Example:  How many Rushing Yards will Buffalo’s Starting Running Back have in the Second Half?  You predict it will be 53 and his actual Second Half performance is 47.  The difference of 6 will be allocated to your Contest Score as 6 FanSharp Points.

Example:  How many 3-Point Field Goals will Milwaukee’s Point Guard attempt in the Second Half?  You predict it will be 5 and he ends up taking 3.  The difference of 2 will be allocated to your Contest Score as 5 FanSharp Points. 

For Yes/No and Either/Or questions a correct answer will yield Zero FanSharp Points, and an incorrect answer will yield a penalty of FanSharp Points.  

An answer left blank for any question will yield a penalty of 25 FanSharp Points.

And that’s how lowest score is the Winner!

FanSharp contest scores are tallied by the software.  Points for all questions are updated in real-time during the contest. At the games’ conclusion, once all statistics have been finalized by our data provider, Final Contest Scores will be calculated and a Contest Winner will be determined.  FanSharp software will generate an email notification to the winner of each contest at the end of the night. 

Tiebreaker:  Question 7 serves as tiebreaker.  Question 7 ONLY counts towards Contest score if two or more entries are tied.  If there is still a Contest tie even with the tiebreaker, winnings will be split between the participants who tied.

Overtime:  in the event that an NBA or NFL game goes to Overtime, FanSharp counts all Overtime statistics towards the Second Half.



Each contest will list the maximum number of entries. 


FanSharp monitors the NFL and NBA Injury Reports on an hourly basis (hey, we love this stuff!) and makes every effort to stage contests that only use players that are projected to play in today's games.

Occasionally, there will be instances where a "late scratch" occurs, and there will be a contest question that pertains to an injured player.  In this instance the user should simply submit "0" for any contest question that pertains to an injured player.

In effect, this will become a free question to any user who has watched the First Half of that game.  Any users who submit an answer other than "0"- shame on them, they're not watching the game!

In these cases make sure you enter a "0" and don't leave the question blank.  Remember a blank answer is a 25-point penalty.